How should you measure up for a rug?

A question we're often asked is "are there any rules when it comes to placing/measuring for rugs?" The short answer is no, but there are things to consider.

What is the Purpose of the Rug? This will determine the area that it should cover.

  • Hall Runner:- Usually used to add texture to a hall and protect the floor, it should cover the main thoroughfare leaving space between the edge and the walls for some flooring to show. if you have floorboards or polished concrete that is in good condition then having a portion showing can complement the hall runner and the hall runner can in turn complement the floor.
  • Area Rug:- Usually used in larger rooms of the house to define an area like the dining or living space. These rugs should be large enough for all the furniture to fit on the rug. If however the sofa is against one wall then the rug can lay half way under the furniture and still visually define the space.
  • Dining Area:- When measuring for a rug that is going under a dining table of any size or shape there is a great trick to ensure the size us just right. To ensure the chairs do not get caught on the side of the rug when people are sitting down, pull the chairs out on either side of the table as if you were about to be seated. Take the measurement to approximately 5cm past the end of each chair and this will ensure that when people pull their chairs out, the chairs will remain on the rug the whole time.
  • Textural Layering:- This can be an area rug or a feature rug used in a small space just to give a textural element and break up the existing flooring. The only rule in this case is that the rug is proportional to the space.

So, there really aren’t any rules to what size a rug should be just things to consider. After doing your measurements, if you are happy with the proportions and the balance of the area covered by the rug or runner then that is what matters. After all, it’s an investment.